Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sleeping Child

Nothing beats the comforting and relaxing feel of coming home after a hard day's night on call in hospital..
My room,
newly renovated
all designed and planned by myself,
spent hours searching on the net for latest ideas,
spent months searching for each furniture around the whole town,
and spent more than RM10k on buying all the stuffs (paid by my mum and dad )

The Sweet Dream Ionnex pocketed matress with natural latex which can remove free-ions from the body

My Everyday Carry

Spot lights - light up only the area which needed to be lighten up, and keep the other areas as cozy as ever

My collection of books (mostly from India for their dirt cheap reading materials)

An 11 year old jigsaw, a present for my PMR by my aunt

My work space, with the 2 framed pictures i got in India

The place i did all my grooming

8 feet wardrobe, more than enough for my shirts

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My work place cum play station cum study table

My PC up close (who need a Mac for white themed desktop?)

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